3D post processing

AM Solutions – comprehensive automated solutions for post processing and surface finishing

Additive manufacturing has evolved from being strictly used as a prototyping technology to a method for high-volume production of standard components. Post processing and placing the final surface finish on additive manufactured components still poses a big challenge for manufacturers and represents a significant cost factor. AM Solutions, a brand of the Rösler Group, can offer you post process and finishing solutions for a broad spectrum of tasks along the entire AM production chain.. These solutions can be individually adapted to customer requirements irrespective of the material type (metal, plastic, ceramic, glass, composite, etc) or by which 3D printing technology they were produced with.

The optimum and comprehensive solution for all post processing stages

Our solutions cover the entire spectrum of post processing tasks for additive manufactured components, including; unpacking, removal of support structures, removing residual powder and particles baked to the work piece surface, surface cleaning and smoothing, edge radiusing, high gloss polishing or surface preparation for subsequent coating.


AM solutions provides surface finishing solutions, equipment, media, and services for all 3D printed metal parts.


We provide surface finishing solutions, equipment and media for all 3D printed plastic parts.


AM solutions machines ensure consistent surface finishing on every alloy part to exacting standards.