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Rösler offers an integrated complete solution for plastic, metal and alloys. 

The right solution at the right stage in the AM manufacturing process – all from a single source.

The Steps

We have the right solution for every step of the process.
unpackaging (remove sediments), removing support structure, refining, polishing surfaces or e-coloring.

Post process - Additive manufacturing - Delivery


In order to ensure a smooth delivery and assembly process, we ask you to provide the following information. Please send the complete and correctly filled out checklist.

Post process - Additive manufacturing - Requirements Engineering

Requirements Engineering

Requirements engineering is typically considered as a start-up phase. Rösler Engineering is more than just analysis, and “Requirements Engineering and Management” (RE & M) goes beyond that. Our RE & M goes well beyond the idea of creating a specification sheet as the basis of a project.

Post process - Additive manufacturing - Development


Development and production of a process-oriented, economical and ecological surface treatment. When developing the machining process, the individual requirements of our customers are always in the foreground.

Post process - Additive manufacturing - Processing result

Processing result

Throughout the development, Rösler is in constant dialogue with the customer. This includes the detailed presentation of the machining process specially developed for the customer's requirements.

Post process - Additive manufacturing - Sample processing

Approval of the sample processing

After the presentation of the machining process by Rösler, the customer issues the approval for the processing of the sample workpieces.

Post process - Additive manufacturing - AM Solutions

The Solution

Rösler presents an innovative machining concept for surface finishing of the workpiece. The concept includes the mass finishing machine, the abrasive media and the compound. The advantage for the customer is so clear on the hand: 

AM Solutions – Just one supplier!

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